3 A Truly Precious Moment: Today is...10th September 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Today is...10th September 2007

Oh it’s my 25th birthday. It has been 8 months I'm into photography. It all happened after I got married last December. I got really inspired about photography by our wedding photographer hired by my wife, David Cheok. And I, myself hired his apprentice, Mizi. They both shoot journalistic style. I can see the whole story of our wedding by looking at their pictures. Every time I look at those pictures, our wedding seems just like yesterday. By February 2007, I bought a 350D canon SLR camera. Since then, my passion for photography grown. As I was so eager to be become a wedding photographer, DC offered me to join him shooting weddings. Now that I’m one of his apprentices and realized that it’s not easy to become a wedding photographer. Every wedding, I learnt so many new things. I’m so thankful to have a sifu like DC.

Not forgetting my lovely wife who had been there to fully support and motivate me to become a wedding photographer. I love you so much honey!!!

I received loads and lots of surprises on my birthday. My family celebrated my birthday in advance (09.09.07). They all know about my new expensive hobby but I didn’t expect them to buy me a tripod and made a dedication book.

And today, my wife gave me another surprise. She got me 2x 2GB Sandisk CF cards, Canon Hand Strap, Rechargeable batteries for my flash and a CF card wallet. Those items are on my wishlist!!! Thank you so much to everyone……:)


SoulJah said...

Aw that's cool!

Happy birthday.

I was eyeing those 2700mAH batteries at Guan Chuan just recently, actually.

Wanglai said...

Thanks Souljah....my told me that those batteries just arrived when she bought it... Yeah Sony batteries much more better and last longer than Gp :->

AlongManja16 said...

Cool birthday present, yg cool sangat biskita dapat sifu DC... ;)

Wanglai said...

Yeah...absolutely cool and feeling so lucky to be one of his apprentices...it was so challenging and really test us mentally and physically to the max. At least we (the apprentices) realize that it was not easy to be a wedding photographer.